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Gardener vs Landscaper

Posted November 03, 2016 by Heather Lee in Professional Garden Keepers

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What is the difference between a gardener and a landscaper?

Personally, I think that gardening is an art form of the heavens. There are gardens and landscapes right here in the Chester County area that are among the greatest in the world—produced by gardeners and Mother Nature.

I feel that being a gardener is special. When we consider that a gardener is one who tends to the earth, this is a pretty big responsibility, and it's special.  

I hung out with a gardener who was my hero, my grandmother, Betty. Back in Betty's days, gardening was a big deal. Having gardens and carefully maintained yards were a sign of prestige and grace. It was (and still is) the the thing to do with a cocktail, glass of wine, or even a beer before dinner—walk around the yard and ramble about all the toil in the yard—done by the gardener. My grandmother put gardening on the map of status for me. To be a successful gardener, it takes years of trial and error, toil and bliss to understand plants and how they grow, and certainly like any other fine art, gardening is one that is worthy of exclusivity and status.

Gardening deserves a special name.  And it's not potato.

My thought is that landscaping has become a marketable and general term for outdoor work with little specifics or specialties attached to the title. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with landscaping. The landscaper who does things in my yard is very good.  He stays on top of things quite well. I could probably trust him with anything in my yard. I also work with a very nice landscaper here in Chester County to help me with some of the big projects, and I really appreciate him.

Yard work is hard work.

If you are ready to pass the gardening torch or landscaping torch onto someone else, what it really comes down to finding the right fit for your needs.  

Both professional landscaping and gardening services are useful. You just have to a.) know exactly what you want, and b.) what questions to ask!  If you are looking at photos on a landscapers website, and all you see is retaining walls...he’s probably not going to pick out the best plants for your space or prune your shrubs to that perfect height and shape. Remember this: you wouldn't hire a plumber to do your electrical work. Plants are completely different than pavers.  Hire separate specialists for each job, or ask enough questions to determine if the general company has specialists working in the department that you want help with.

I understand how difficult it is to find someone to trust with your household chores.  There needs to be a connection with you and the professional you hire for anything. My best advice for you is to get started interviewing professionals today so you can get out and enjoy more of your life!

Here’s a few suggestions (sorry I’m not taking any new customers).

  • Tree work—I always call Bartlett Tree Services. Don’t call anyone else.  Bad tree work is irreparable.
  • Landscaping—Christopher Chick with Green Touch Landscaping, 610-241-6815. He’s a typical landscaper, but he is a nice kid and will do what you ask.
  • Gardening—Garden Source 610-756-1190. I've met one of her labor staff who seemed to be quite knowledgeable on plant care and maintenance.
  • Brinkley Horticulture—Her designs are wonderful and whenever I see her staff working I’ve seen what looks like a woman forman—and we know that means...excellence!
  • Garden Design—Dig It Garden Design 610-952-1507. I have seen her work and love it!
Heather Lee - Professional Garden Keepers

Heather is a professional gardener in the Kennett Square area. She passionately serves her clients with fine gardening services, providing detailed and specialized care to their indoor and outdoor gardens or landscapes. Heather loves working here in beautiful Chester County and while her first concern is always her clients, happiness, and creating beauty, her next greatest concern is planting to sustain our native ecosystem. Heather is excited to share helpful gardening tips and planting ideas with the Fig community!


Gardener vs Landscaper

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